Cutty Sark Tall Ships Race, Sail Brest 2002
The French town Brest is the regular host of tallship gatherings, that are well-known also abroad because of the high number of participating sailing ships each time. Apart from these regular events Brest was one port of call for the sailing ships participating in the annual tall-ships races organised by the International Sail Training Organisation ISTA in July, 2002. Furthermore the known French topsail schooner "La Recouvrance" celebrated her 10th anniversary, enough reasons for a meeting of a lot of traditional water crafts.
La Cancalaise La Belle Angele La Granvillaise
Who is interested in the traditional sailing ships of the French Atlantic coast should go there to see them. As known most of the luggers, tunymen, cutters, schooners, replicas and bisquines almost never leave their home waters. But everybody who doesn't shy the perhaps long journey is rich paid through an incredible sight then.
Mutin Vieux Copain Rara Avis
La Recouvrance Le Grand Lejon La Nebuleuse
On this journey I met many friends who helped me a lot. Ollivier, especially through your help I had a lot of contacts to French ship owners and you helped me to organise some of the highlights of my short trip to Brest. Thank you also to MAX for a special evening dinner. I hope so much the we could meet again, perhaps here in Rostock. I want to say thank you to the organisers of this event, to Laurence CaraŽs and Marie Le Berrigaud of the agancy Kaori. Your team has done a very good job. Also I am grateful to the Hanse Sail Center Rostock and to Adventure Sailing. Without their help perhaps I had never done this trip. My appreciation goes to the skipper of the pilot boat SM303395 "Neptune". Sometimes I though he can read from my brain when he found the way through the boats to the best position for photographers.
Pilot boat SM303395 Neptune

By the way, do you know these sailing ships?

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